Luxury Sheepskin Pet Throw


Merino-cross North American sheepskin

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Our beautiful sheepskin pet rugs are created using offcuts of Merino-cross North American sheepskin. They are used to line the footwell and boots of the most luxurious and expensive cars in the world, ensuring only the very highest quality and standards.

With all our products, if you are troubled by smelly, synthetic pet beds that never seem to smell nice or clean properly, then these will be ideal! They are perfect for protecting your furniture, your car seats and other sneaky areas your pet may like to sleep. ┬áCompletely machine-washable and expected to last many years, they contain all the fine qualities of wool – soaking up moisture, then getting rid of it naturally, while not holding on to smells.

We have used two end pieces and sewn them together. They are untrimmed and therefore still have the authentic edges creating a unique Nordiques bohemian look.

The size is around 72 x 66cm.

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