Our Story

Founded in 2018

Filthy Animal Ltd was founded in 2018 by Sarah Giblin, a busy Mum with a passion for dogs and interior design. She wanted to find a practical and stylish sleep solution that combated the problem of smelly dog beds! Her own odorous Spaniels were the inspiration behind the creation of these beautiful, odour eliminating pet sofas. With a keen eye for striking interior schemes and the unwavering love of her aging dogs, the search began for a pet bed that was durable, looked good and didn’t endlessly need washing. She started to look for a product that met this need and could not find anything suitable……hence Filthy Animal was born.

The initial stages of viability involved identifying a high performance, quality upholstery fabric that would deliver on both aesthetic and ergonomic needs. It was not a simple task and took many, many months of research and practical testing before the ideal product was sourced. It was important to ensure that alongside adequate scientific capabilities were the colour palette selections and contemporary pattern choices. Sarah wanted to ensure that the bespoke piece of furniture would create the WOW factor as well as delivering the promise of a Dog Bed the Doesn’t Smell.

Numerous prototype styles were created before Sarah was satisfied with the over product. She decided to create three sizes in the one shape to deliver an instantly recognisable bespoke piece. The concept of the Filthy Animal’s Dog Bed that Doesn’t Smell is a product that will be enjoyed by your pet for many years. It will be a beautiful interior addition to your home and most importantly……it won’t smell!!!